Two for the Dough by Janet Evanovich

Book two in the Stephanie Plum series is just as fun as the first one. No, this isn’t a great work of literary acclaim, but you probably realized that.

This time, Steph is trying to nab Kenny Mancuso, who is wanted for murder. Joe Morelli, her nemesis in book one, is also on Kenny’s trail, and Stephanie does a great job of getting in his way, infuriating him, and adding to their sexual tension.

She also takes on a side case of locating missing funeral caskets, which of course ends up being related to the Mancuso case, and gets Stephanie into more trouble. Luckily, Morelli is usually right around the corner to save her ass. Or, if he’s not available, then Grandma Mazur’s got her back …

This is a fun “beach read” type of book with exaggerated characters, slapstick humor and a quick pace. I plan on continuing to read about Stephanie’s adventures in books 3 through 180,000,201.

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