Go the F*** to Sleep by Adam Mansbach

We received this as a Christmas present from my brothers-in-law. Great choice, guys!

What parent hasn’t felt this way at some point? As a mother of a two-year-old who despises going to bed, I can say that this book was definitely written with me in mind. Illustrated like a children’s lullaby, with vibrant drawings of peacefully sleeping animals, this book is an irreverent take on that “one last book before bed.” Each verse of the poem ends with some variation of “Go the F— to Sleep” and other colorful expletives. It hilariously captures those feelings parents have when their otherwise wonderful child just won’t go to bed.

Definitely for adults only, “Go the F— to Sleep” should not be left laying around for your two-year-old to find. “Book about tigers!” my son said when he picked it up from its spot under the Christmas tree, where the rest of the gifts were waiting to be put away from the festivities the day before. “Um, no, that one is for mommy and daddy,” I said, quickly whisking away the not-so-kid-friendly tome. I know he can’t read yet, but my six-year-old is starting to, and he can definitely sound things out. Not to mention, he proudly announced the other day that he knows what the F-word is.

A great gag gift for parents of the toddler set, “Go the F— to Sleep” will make you laugh out loud – in a “funny because it’s true” sort of way.

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