This is another collection of short vignettes from the life of E!’s Chelsea Handler as told by the comedienne herself. If you love her somewhat crass, self-deprecating (and everyone else-deprecating) humor, then this book will certainly be up your alley. I admit, I don’t watch Chelsea Lately. It’s on too late at night, because I am prematurely old for my age, and the few times I did watch, some of the people on her panel annoyed me. But I loved “My Horizonal Life” and I think in general, Chelsea is the type of gal I could be pals with, except maybe too slutty. Sorry Chels!

My favorite anecdote in CCBB is where she tricked her significant other (who also happens to the CEO of E! – talk about sleeping with your boss!) into believing that she killed a friends’ dog at a party. Even going so far as to stage a doggy memorial service for the dog, who was very much alive. I imagine that having a practical joker like Chelsea in your life would make you skeptical of every word she said, but somehow she gets him over and over again. Also a favorite of mine was her retelling of taking her limo driver, also known as Chocolate Chunk, to Turks and Caicos for a getaway, and the intoxicated ladies she tried to hook him up with.


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